About The Founders

The Cuddly Boutique is founded by Tom & Kimberley Bueno-Schonig over their mutual love of caring for pets. With two dogs of their own, Gamma {right} and Waffles {left}, they began a local pet sitting business, The Cuddly Cottage that prioritized making pets feel at home so that their humans knew they were in good hands.

After some research online (and long nights), they decided to create The Cuddly Boutique. They didn’t know what they would sell yet, but they knew their mission: create an online boutique for gifts worthy of their amazing dogs.

Now, The Cuddly Boutique sells a variety of special gifts that humans and pets love - from cozy sweaters to unique toys.

Our promise is that The Cuddly Boutique products will give your pet that “THIS IS THE BEST GIFT EVER” look in their eyes and give you that warm and cuddly feeling in your heart.