Cuddly Mermaid Hut

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Does your furry friend take over your bed like it's theirs? With this ultra-soft micro plush mermaid hut, your pet can leave you to starfish in your own bed! The fiber-filled cushion and 360-degree coverage will help them find the perfect sleeping position while enjoying a little privacy, promoting better sleep at night and better behavior for playtime the next day! Specially designed for pets up to 15 lbs, this washable bed is lightweight and easy to transport when traveling!
  • BETTER SLEEP, BETTER BEHAVIOR: Made with ultra-soft micro plush fabric, our luxury cat beds offer your pet cozy comfort! The fiber-filled cushion allows them to find the perfect sleeping position, ensuring they wake up refreshed, promoting better behavior during the day.
  • EASY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: With pets, messes are inevitable. Luckily, our puppy bed cushion is removable. The entire bed is safe to machine wash and dry, ensuring it stays fresh and hygienic.
  • PETS FEEL SAFE AND SECURE: Perfect for pets who love to burrow, our cat and dog cave bed provides 360-degree coverage! With a special shelter all their own, they can enjoy privacy and a little alone time. Feeling warm and protected, it can help keep their mind at ease, boosting health and well-being.
  • FUN AND WHIMSICAL DESIGN: With adorable, original design, you’ll love our little novelty bed as much as your pet does! Pet-safe foam construction ensures durability, flexibility and longevity.
  • RECOMMENDED SIZE: Specially designed for pets up to 15 lbs, our washable pet beds are lightweight and easy to transport! 
  • 19"x19"x21"