"Town & Gown" Participation!

Posted by Tom Bueno-Schonig on

We're pleased to announce that we're one of the three businesses accepted into the "Town & Gown" program this year - a partnership between the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and St. Peter's University!

As part of the program, we were chosen by a team of three students who will study and analyze our business throughout the Spring 2020 semester - and eventually deliver a marketing plan for The Cuddly Boutique! We're excited to participate and work with the students, and have already hosted them on-site twice to observe our dog walking & pet sitting business (The Cuddly Cottage), and they attended our Valentine's Day Pop-Up!

From Left to Right: Tom & Kimberley Bueno-Schonig, Elissa Rojas, Jonathan Vasquez, Diego Manosalvas

The team is already doing great work in defining the scope of their engagement  and drafting a SWOT analysis! They'll also be assisting us with a competitive analysis of ecommerce pet stores, and making recommendations on how we can better reach and serve our customers! We're so thankful to participate - the students are so helpful and refreshing to work with!

Elissa even loved our pop-up inventory so much, she purchased the Cuddly Hearts and a Cuddly Muttscato for her friend's pups! We were so happy to get these photos afterward!!


We'll have more updates as the semester progresses!

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