Staying Safe & Giving Back During COVID-19

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We've been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, just like most other small businesses. Having only launched last December, the Boutique was still in its early infancy when the pandemic hit - and our lives, along with those of our customers and employees, were turned upside down. We really appreciate all of our Cuddly Cottage clients who showed their support by purchasing from the Boutique (and other means), and all of the frontliners who've been making daily sacrifices to protect and heal their communities.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give some reassurances around how we've responded to COVID, and let you know how we're giving back to our community.

Gamma and Waffles

How We're Protecting You From COVID

We've received some questions around our inventory, so we wanted to let you know:

  • All of our inventory is kept in stock - we never drop-ship or sell anything that we don't have in our physical possession
  • All of our current inventory, including the items coming to the shop this month, were purchased, shipped, and received in 2019, before the COVID outbreak

Additionally, we're taking extra precautions to make sure our inventory stays safe and you have a positive, safe experience with us:

  • We are observing all guidances for operating during COVID issued by the City of Hoboken, State of New Jersey, and Center for Disease Control
  • All staff handling or near inventory and packages will be wearing masks
  • All packaging and labeling are done in-accordance with COVID safety guidelines, with contact-less drop-off to our shipping partners
  • We offer no-contact delivery within the City of Hoboken

We are examining the COVID policies for all our vendors to ensure that any new inventory stocked later this year will maintain our safety standards. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how we're keeping you safe!

Giving Back to Our Community

We are still donating a portion of all proceeds to WISE Animal Rescue, but also wanted to do what we can to support the frontline workers in our community.

HipNJ & News 12 Message of Hope

In early April, we recorded a short message of hope and positivity for HipNJ and News 12 NJ to say "Thank You" to all our frontliners. Click HERE to view the video!

FLAG 'Triple Impact' Auction

Last weekend, we donated a bundle containing the Cuddly Cottage Sweatpants, Beanie, and Tote to the Front Line Appreciation Group's 'Triple Impact' auction.  The auction proceeds went to support three local organizations:

  • The Front Line Appreciation Group (FLAG) - A local org dedicated to supplying meals to healthcare workers in Hoboken and Jersey City, especially late / off-hours when access to cafeterias or other food sources are limited. Click HERE to learn more about FLAG!
  • The Hoboken Community Center, which operates our local food pantry. Click HERE to learn more about Hoboken CC!
  • The Hoboken Shelter - A local nonprofit that provides hot meals and shelter to those in need, click HERE to learn more!

FLAG Auction

Tote Bag Fundraiser for Hoboken EMS

Also, from now until Flag Day (June 14), we're donating 100% of all proceeds from our Cuddly Tote Bag to the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp, also known as Hoboken EMS. The Ambulance Corp is completely funded and staffed by volunteers, and COVID has rapidly depleted its resources. Please consider adding a tote to your next order to help support the Ambulance Corp!

COVID has been difficult on everyone, and we deeply appreciate everything done to support us and the broader community! Please stay safe and we'll all get through this together!

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