Our First Pop-Up Event!

Posted by Tom Bueno-Schonig on

Cuddly Ventures is all about serving and improving our community, so hosting a pop-up in Hoboken was a natural idea for getting the word out about The Cuddly Boutique! We held our first pop-up at Louise & Jerry's on January 30th - just in time for the Super Bowl! We're incredibly thankful to them for letting us use their space!

We curated the inventory for the big game, including our Cuddly Football, Cuddly Pretzels, and the cold-weather-approved Cuddly Cottage Hoodie!


And we had plenty of people and pups show up, despite the cold, January rain! 

Bubba!     Wooly!     Bailey!  
               Emma!       Teddy!
We had so much so much fun - and it made us so happy to see everyone with their dogs, meeting each other and enjoying themselves! And some lucky dogs went home with their new favorite toys! 

It was heartwarming to see some of the community come out and support us. We definitely want to do more of these types of events around Hoboken and the rest of Hudson County! 

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