Let Us Help Pick Up Your Dog's Poop!

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Let's talk about poop for a minute - it's a big deal for us.

Earlier this year, Kimberley and I sponsored a Pet Waste Station in our hometown of Hoboken, NJ. The City of Hoboken installed the station, and in exchange we'll keep it stocked with poop bags open to the public. And we were happy to do it!

Our Pet Waste Station

Our Pet Waste Station is on Hudson Street, between 10th and 11th

Dog poop is a real public health issue, and one that every responsible dog owner should take to heart. Besides being an unpleasant nuisance for your neighbors, especially in an urban environment like Hoboken, dog poop can carry disease and is a major source of water pollution. 

The solution for this is simple - carry poop bags and throw the waste away in the garbage. In our "Poop Stuff" collection, we stock environmentally-friendly poop bags, as well as humorous bag holders with room for (2) rolls - just to make sure you always have one on hand! Don't get caught with fresh poop on the ground an no way to dispose of it!

We're happy to help the members of our community when they find themselves short of a poop bag. Especially if they're walking their dog near one of Hoboken's most beautiful parks. Our waste station is located next to the park's main lawn, which is used for recess every weekday by the local elementary school - so we want to keep as much poop off of it as possible!

To help reduce the environmental impact even further, we're currently stocking the station with compostable bags and we've attached a tote filled with our neighbors' New York Times wrappers, to re-use singe-use plastics! On March 4, the City Council approved signage to announce our sponsorship, so our neighbors will know who to contact if the station is empty - and we'll be ready to refill it! 

Please pick up your dog's poop - your neighbors [and future generations] will thank you!!

If you're also interested in sponsoring a pet waste station in Hoboken, click HERE to learn more!

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