Congratulations to Our St. Peter's 'Town and Gown' Team!

Posted by Tom Bueno-Schonig on

town and gown zoom call

Since January, we've been participating in the 'Town and Gown' program, a collaboration between St. Peter's University and the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. But we weren't the only business in the program, and two other student teams were working with other Hudson County Chamber members, Liberty Physical Therapy and the Speranza Theater Company. And with the semester ending, last night was the presentation competition, with each student team presenting their findings to a panel of judges from the Chamber of Commerce.

We're so excited and happy to report that our students won! Our team (Jonathan Vasquez, Elissa Rojas, and Diego Manosalvas) did really thorough work and their final report was full of lucid, thoughtful analyses and practical suggestions. They upheld a high standard of professionalism throughout the program and took amazing efforts to understand our business and the difficulties of entrepreneurship. We look forward to staying in touch and implementing their ideas over the coming weeks!

We'd also like to express extreme gratitude for the Hudson Chamber of Commerce, St. Peter's University, and the judges who took the time to review all of the student teams' work. The Town and Gown program has proven to be a really useful partnership for creative insights into our business, and an excellent hands-on learning experience for the students. 

Once again, thank you!!

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