Celebrating Our 2 Year Anniversary

Posted by Chloe Bautista on

Cuddly ventures is delighted to announce the celebration of our 2 year anniversary of officially being in business! Established in June 2018 by Kimberley and Tom Bueno-Schonig, Cuddly Ventures started as a local, Hoboken-based petcare business with the intentions of providing a second home and making sure you know that your pet is in good hands. Thanks to the support of our clients, we had the ability to launch The Cuddly Boutique last December, so that we could spread our love of pets across the country. 

The Cuddly Boutique aims to reach as many people as possible and improve pet ownership across the country - all while instilling our passion for giving back to the community. Our main goal is to evoke the “THIS IS THE BEST GIFT EVER” excitement and attitude for you and your pet. The variety of special gifts for humans and pets alike that we offer contribute to several charitable organizations through your purchases. We have an on-going partnership with WISE Animal Rescue and often support other local charities based on our community needs, most recently the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp. Our commitment to positive change in the world begins with our local community, which would not be possible without the support from all of you.

The Cuddly Ventures team wants to relay a special thank you to everyone that has supported us through the years, and continues to support us! Your support has brought us to this point, where we’re able to follow our passion for pets and work everyday to provide the highest-quality care and supplies that we possibly can. All of your support means the world to us! Because of loyal customers like you, we hope to see our small business continue growing and stay open, serving the community, for the long-haul. We look forward to many more years ahead, and hope you and your pets stay with us for the adventure!

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